Greenvedic Pimple And Pigmentation Cream


Skin pigmentation and Pimple are a bit of a nightmare. Not only does your skin become uneven, but it’s almost impossible to cover up unless you have pro makeup skills. It can be really distressing to even click a decent picture or get your makeup on for a big event when you have an uneven skin tone. 


Greenvedic’s best pimple cream with pigmentation properties has a rare blend of extracts that helps in pigmentation removal, pimple removal, dark patches removal, acne scar removal, blackhead removal, burst skin removal, pores removal and skin rupture removal. It helps in clearing the post-inflammatory hyper pigmentation caused by pimples. Hence, this best pigmentation cream helps exfoliate dead skin cells making it appear bright, healthy, fair, and blemish-free.



Khadira, Sati, Apamarga, Arjuna, Manjistha, Kumari, Sweta Candana, Guduchi, Daruharidra, Evaru, Haridra, Punarnava, Vatada, Tulsi 


Wash or cleanse face and apply a small quantity of Greenvedic Pimple and Pigmentation cream all over the face. For better results use it twice daily. 


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