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Milk Protein Shampoo

greenvedic is the best ayurvedic milk protein shampoo is rich in lactic acid

Anti-Ageing Cream

greenvedic is offering the best natural Anti-ageing Cream helps

Pimple Pigmentation Cream

greenvedic’s best pimple cream with pigmentation properties

Skincare (8)

Sanitizer (1)

immunity Booster (1)

Haircare (2)

greenvedic Offers its special range of skincare products for all skin types

greenvedic is offering best gold facial kit will give you that enchanting & irresistible looks on those special events and occasions. Gold facials are considered as one of the best facial kit for skin whitening and an irresistible glow.

Enjoy the best quality, made by greenvedic

greenvedic offers the best ayurvedic milk protein shampoo and hair oil, that repairs dryness and damaged hairs. Its active ingredients Bhringraj, Aloe Vera and milk proteins moisturize the hair and the scalp, restoring & revitalizing the hair. It is beneficial in frizz control and regular use helps in impressive hair styling. greenvedic anti dandruff hair oil helps in treating, dry scalp, hair fall, greying of hair, and provides relief from itchiness caused by dandruff. It also helps in the re-growth of hair and preventing baldness.



Greenvedic Uses Organic Ingredients in all its Products for Best Results and Glowing Skin.

Neem & Aloe Vera


Hibiscus & Vitamin C


Khadira, Guduchi & Tulsi